Thursday, 4 December 2014

Why do people prefer Private accommodation Goa?

Goa is jewel in the crown among tourist destinations of India. With pristine sun-kissed golden beaches, mouthwatering cuisine, a deep impression of Portuguese culture and traditions; it is a distinguished place of international fame. Forested hills and unoccupied islands take it to different heights. The place records the maximum number of foreign tourists along with a heavy inflow of domestic tourists. 

People prefer a house to rent in Goa instead of staying in a hotel or resort. There are distinguished benefits of it. Firstly, they are comfortable and luxurious. Secondly, they offer home-like environment and serene surroundings. A few star-rated villas have private beaches and jetties to explore canals and rivers. As a gesture of courtesy, they offer complimentary pickup and drop to the airport. Though it is not common practice, you need to get it confirmed beforehand.

Goa is a blissful blend of modern lifestyle and ancient art and culture. Temples, churches, and mosques reveal the religious and spiritual side of it. Whereas ultra-modern pubs, dance bars and unlimited availability of liquor make it a perfect place to enjoy. 

December, when festival fever is at the peak

As December approaches, Goa feels the excitement and thrill of the festive season. Temperature drops in the night making it pleasantly cool while afternoon temperatures also drop considerably. Rush increases on the roads and markets become noisy with chats in a variety of national and international languages. Restaurants open till late night and pubs and dance bars rock overnight with the latest music numbers. This is the ultimate fun time in Goa. Hotels and resorts get flooded with people, and there is a huge waiting at every eating joint.

Those who are familiar with Goa do not take any risk and plan the vacations quite early. They book the best private accommodation Goa to stay in a place that blends perfectly well with the fun and frolic in the small state of Indian west coast.

December month is not great from tourist inflow perspective, but the entire market gets flooded with items that people love to buy. Seasonal vegetables, fruits, and spices are at the peak. Since there are a lot of customers for these items, shopkeepers offer attractive discounts in order to grab maximum customers. Grocery stores, garment shops, shopping malls and supermarkets have huge discount offers to make the month exciting.

Staying in Private accommodation Goa is a fantastic experience

Every year thousands of people visit Goa for exotic holidays. Not only honeymoon couples, but families, groups, and business associates also find it a perfect place to break. There are unlimited opportunities of staying in luxury places. However, the charges are exorbitant and there is a scarcity of rooms as well. Many people prefer a house to rent in Goa because it is a reasonably priced option. Moreover, it is a unique experience where people feel homely and comfortable. Especially elderly people or families feel relaxed there. There has been an increasing trend for booking luxurious and spacious villas while enjoying a superb vacation in Goa, the top tourist place of India!