Thursday, 3 September 2015

Rejuvenate in True Goa Style

Goa has become one of the most desirable holiday destinations in the nation today where one could just take a silent exit from the monotonous rat eat rat world and allow the exotic nature to take a call. The beach fun and water sports with friends and family, mesmerizing sunset, extravagant evenings and great food are few experiences that people take away from the place but there can be more to it. Goa can be your destination for getting liberated in actual senses and rediscover yourself. It gives you a fresh new window to take a closer view of the other culture that have been kept safe since a lot of years and enjoy the beach life with pretty dresses and cool shorts near church sides. This experience can be even more memorable if you rent villa in Goa and have your private space to make it even more intimate and exquisite.
Living in goa villas for rent is not only a smart decision as a traveler but someone who values travelling in the most in his or her life. These open spaces for living actually give you an option in living in a living space that have been designed and decorated by a local over here. They can be extremely modern in architecture or even the most ethnic as one could imagine. Renting villa in goa takes you much closer to the original culture of the place that have not been captured well by the hotels one could find. These villas are equipped with all modern amenities to make your stay as much comfortable as possible but with a Goan twist of course. So, this holiday take a break not only from work but also your common understanding of having a perfect holiday.
Goa villa rentals are an ideal space if you want to rekindle or built your chemistry with someone special as the lighting, ambience and music that we create for you can be planned well in advance and make this holiday the most memorable one for you. One could enjoy late candle light dinner near the pool side or wake up to a breezy morning with soft beach music playing gently near the rooms. The privacy of our guests is highly valued and the staff is trained enough to cater to each and every demand of yours with the highest efficacy. 

 Renting a Vacation Rental Goa for spending a great time with friends or family is giving your loved ones a space where one could unwind life and pause the madness of it in the most natural and culturally closer way. The holiday experience you are looking forward from the fun and frolic in Goa can be complemented with conversations you built around in this space and come closer to your own self. So give yourself the privilege of enjoying the exotic beauty of beach and sun in an exquisitely designed personal comfortable space of a rented villa in goa. After all, everyone deserves a great time in Goa!

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Goa Villa Rentals: Helps Tourists To Explore The Place In The Real Sense

If the individual as a tourist prefers to relax on the beach to bask in the sun and to enjoy tanning of the skin and the surroundings, then it is without doubt that Goa is sure to be on the top of the list of must visit places. Almost every visitor, be it from within the country or from any part of the globe find Goa to be an interesting place and have it in their itinerary, when visiting the country. This is because, Goa stands for fun, frolic, excitement, combined with complete entertainment. This place is rather the perfect one for those who would like to be away from the hustle and bustle of life and to live an idyllic life rolling in the sand and swimming in the waters of the Arabian Sea. What makes the tour all the more exciting and cherishing is goa villa rentals that are now found at affordable rates.

Why Goa?

Although this state is counted among the smallest of all Indian states, its beauty and culture and wonderful life is what attracts people in millions to visit it throughout the year. Moreover, the presence of numerous affordable goa villa rentals is another vital aspect to be noted that makes staying at this place all the more easy and within the budget. There are many who may assume that holiday in Goa would suit mainly youngsters. However, tourism data tends to suggest that people of all ages find it lucrative.

Enjoying the visit

It is possible for the domestic or foreign tourist to make the most of the trip by availing inexpensive villa in goa. The best part is that the person can book such villas of their choice much in advance, so as to beat the rush and to enjoy huge discounts. These days, one can depend upon sites like that not only provide authentic information, but also allow the tourist to search their stay and to make the right plans which suit their specific requirements and needs. Be it a backpacking lonely trip, honeymoon, a wedding anniversary surprise or with colleagues, relatives, friends or family, this place does boast of offering people of every age with everything required to make it the best trip ever.

What is on offer?

Besides booking of the well maintained and affordable villa in goa, the tourist can enjoy here the clean and tidy beaches, sun and sand, opportunity to take part in variety of water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing and paragliding. In case, the individual is on a package tour, then he is likely to have minimal contact with the beauty and culture of the place. But if the person decides to tour on his own, making his inquisitiveness as his only guide and select to book his stay in of the best goa villa rentals, then he is sure to delve much deeper into this region’s rich culture and history, while being a part of it.
In short, booking rental villas can help the person to explore Goa and enjoy the vacation to his satisfaction.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Explore the magic of Goa Villa Rentals

The hot summer season is upon us, and there are so many things to look forward to…….the holidays, vacations, sweet mangoes, juicy watermelons, lazy walks on the beach, dips in the swimming pool and having fun. All these things conjure up one image in mind - Goa. And what can be better than spending a nice, relaxing holiday than Goa?

Such a relaxing holiday is incomplete without your friends and family. That’s exactly why you should rent villas in Goa. The Goa villas for rent offer you the all the comforts of a hotel and are yet cozy enough to spend with your family. You can all stay together as though it were your home and relax and enjoy as you see fit.

The ideal place for such a villa rental is the Om Kairos villa. Set amidst lush greenery, in the peaceful quiet village of Corgao, the villa is just 4 kilometers from the Arambhol beach. Once you reach there, you are transported to a green heaven, where you hear the birds chirping and the gentle breeze blowing through the lush greenery. 

Our villa is well equipped with air-conditioned rooms and comfortable beds. The rooms are airy and spacious with large windows to give you a peek into the greenery every morning. And the best feature is our swimming pool. Chill out with a cold beer or a hot coffee by the pool and take a refreshing swim. Our eager and helpful caretakers, Elwin and Melanie will whip up a sumptuous breakfast for you or hop across the village to get you some beers. And if you do want to step out and experience some of the other Goan sights, there’s a lot to explore around. Small, quaint souvenir shops and small eateries serving global cuisine dot the Arambhol and Mandrem beachscapes. We have a great deal going for this villa at Rs. 8,000 per night for 8 people. That includes breakfast, taxes and the swimming pool. So what are you waiting for? Get your friends and family together and celebrate your holidays in Goa.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Find Villas for rent in Goa to your nearest beach

Goa is one of the best and widely chosen tourist destination India and across the world. Tourisms is the main business of the state and as a result of this, the state is well equipped with entire infrastructure needed for tourists. Infrastructure includes Goa villas for rent and every other constituent of infrastructure needed to support a large inflow of tourists from around the world. Goa villa Rentals are available for you on the market at the most effective rates, throughout the state and area unit on the market at each place of great visit. These Goa villas for rent area unit okay equipped with the most effective quality services and help. Goa villas for rent may also be reserved on-line, at the most affordable rates. 

Goa could be a state placed within the West Republic of India region of the Konkan, it's finite by the state of geographical area to the north, and by Mysore to the east and south, whereas the Arabian Sea forms its western coast. It’s India's smallest state by space and therefore the fourth smallest by population. Goa is India's richest state with a value per capita 2 and a 0.5 times that of the country as an entire. Tourism is mostly targeted on the coastal areas of Goa, with cut traveler activity midland. In 2010, there have been over 2 million tourists reportable to own visited Goa, about 1.2 million of who were from abroad. As of 2013 Goa was the destination of alternative for Indian and foreign tourists, significantly Britons, with restricted suggests that United Nations agency wished to party. The state was hopeful that changes might be created which might attract a additional up market demographic. 

Goa conjointly stands sixth in high ten Nightlife cities within the world in national Geographic Book .Over 450 years of Portuguese rule and therefore the influence of the Portuguese culture presents to guests to Goa a distinct setting than what's to be found elsewhere in Republic of India. 

The state of Goa is legendary for its glorious beaches, churches, and temples. The Bom Logos Cathedral, Fort Aguada and a brand new wax depository on Indian history, culture and heritage in previous Goa area unit alternative business destinations. The goa villas for rent are the best place for accommodation. They are well designed, keeping in mind the need of a family. They are well connected to every part of the state and are also available on sharing basis. One can easily book these villas online by paying a nominal amount of money. Goa is India's richest state with a value per capita 2 and a 0.5 times that of the country as an entire. Tourism is mostly targeted on the coastal areas of Goa, with cut traveler activity midland. In 2010, there have been over 2 million tourists reportable to own visited Goa, about 1.2 million of who were from abroad.  

 The number of units available for booking is unlimited and the tourist services providers also provide booking facilities. Book one of these ultra comfortable and magnificently beautiful villas for the least rate.  Plan a visit to goa and enjoy your trip in one of these accommodations.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Why should rent Villas in Goa for Holidays?

Goa presents a dichotomy of sorts, a favorite holiday destination for the well travelled globe trotters as for the first timers. It offers a view into the local flavors of India, yet gives the western traveler the comforts of home. People speak English easily and are warm and welcoming of travelers.
Holiday rentals or vacation rentals in Goa are therefore becoming increasingly popular. Europeans have traditionally taken longer vacations particularly in the December to March time period to get away from the harsh winters in their respective countries. Goa offers the warmth and the sun with temperatures in the 20s, perfectly suited for a stroll or relaxing on the beach. We also see an increase in the domestic Indian tourists looking for holiday rentals in Goa. Either way, the popularity of Goa as a fun tourist destination has not waned. 

On the other hand, there are some people who have loved Goa so much that they have invested in beautiful villas and apartments in Goa. The Goa holiday rentals scene has become much more attractive because of this. Holiday makers have got a wide variety of choices. And because some of these villas have about three or four bedrooms or even more, large groups can be accommodated easily. It becomes much more fun to get together in such a villa and bond with your friends and relatives. There is an increasing trend towards re-unions, birthday celebrations, and get together, and destination weddings. Villas in Goa offer the perfect setting for these events.

One such villa is the Villa Blue in Candolim. One of the coziest vacation rentals Goa has to offer, this four bedroom villa located in a small by-lane leading towards Candolim beach. One can experience the typical Goan village life here plus get the advantage of being within walking distance to the beach. Some of the best restaurants, night clubs and shopping places are within a short distance of the villa. Perfect for a group of eight people, the villa can accommodate 12 people. There’s a large and spacious living room and a dining room with a fully equipped kitchen if people want to cook their own meals or just make a hot cup of tea. The daily rental for this villa is Rs. 11,000 per night and includes housekeeping services and a continental breakfast of bread, butter, jam, tea or coffee, and juice. Or one can buy groceries from the nearby supermarket and make a breakfast to suit one’s taste.


If one who wants to stay away from the happening and party areas of Goa, but not too far away, one can stay at the Om Kairos villa. Situated in the quiet and peaceful Corgao village, just 5 kilometers from Arambhol beach, this villa is one of the best holiday rentals Goa has to offer. Recently featured in the Indian Architecture and Builder Magazine, January 2015, the villa offers a 360 degree view of lush greenery. The four bedrooms are artistically decorated and are very comfortable. The villa also has a small pool for fun and relaxing. And the caretakers really know to take care of their guests.

Overall, the vacation rentals scene in Goa is changing and people have many options to stay in, depending on their requirements. Villa rentals for vacation rentals or holiday rentals in Goa are becoming very attractive.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Why do people prefer Private accommodation Goa?

Goa is jewel in the crown among tourist destinations of India. With pristine sun-kissed golden beaches, mouthwatering cuisine, a deep impression of Portuguese culture and traditions; it is a distinguished place of international fame. Forested hills and unoccupied islands take it to different heights. The place records the maximum number of foreign tourists along with a heavy inflow of domestic tourists. 

People prefer a house to rent in Goa instead of staying in a hotel or resort. There are distinguished benefits of it. Firstly, they are comfortable and luxurious. Secondly, they offer home-like environment and serene surroundings. A few star-rated villas have private beaches and jetties to explore canals and rivers. As a gesture of courtesy, they offer complimentary pickup and drop to the airport. Though it is not common practice, you need to get it confirmed beforehand.

Goa is a blissful blend of modern lifestyle and ancient art and culture. Temples, churches, and mosques reveal the religious and spiritual side of it. Whereas ultra-modern pubs, dance bars and unlimited availability of liquor make it a perfect place to enjoy. 

December, when festival fever is at the peak

As December approaches, Goa feels the excitement and thrill of the festive season. Temperature drops in the night making it pleasantly cool while afternoon temperatures also drop considerably. Rush increases on the roads and markets become noisy with chats in a variety of national and international languages. Restaurants open till late night and pubs and dance bars rock overnight with the latest music numbers. This is the ultimate fun time in Goa. Hotels and resorts get flooded with people, and there is a huge waiting at every eating joint.

Those who are familiar with Goa do not take any risk and plan the vacations quite early. They book the best private accommodation Goa to stay in a place that blends perfectly well with the fun and frolic in the small state of Indian west coast.

December month is not great from tourist inflow perspective, but the entire market gets flooded with items that people love to buy. Seasonal vegetables, fruits, and spices are at the peak. Since there are a lot of customers for these items, shopkeepers offer attractive discounts in order to grab maximum customers. Grocery stores, garment shops, shopping malls and supermarkets have huge discount offers to make the month exciting.

Staying in Private accommodation Goa is a fantastic experience

Every year thousands of people visit Goa for exotic holidays. Not only honeymoon couples, but families, groups, and business associates also find it a perfect place to break. There are unlimited opportunities of staying in luxury places. However, the charges are exorbitant and there is a scarcity of rooms as well. Many people prefer a house to rent in Goa because it is a reasonably priced option. Moreover, it is a unique experience where people feel homely and comfortable. Especially elderly people or families feel relaxed there. There has been an increasing trend for booking luxurious and spacious villas while enjoying a superb vacation in Goa, the top tourist place of India!