Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Tips to finding the best and most affordable hotels in Goa India

Goa is undoubtedly a beautiful state in India that is visited throughout the year by both domestic and international tourists. This state with its beautiful beach is more than welcoming and offers pleasure, satisfaction and happiness to the tourists. People come to this place for all reasons, be it for their honeymoon, married couples to spend their time together, with the family, trip with colleagues, friends or relatives. Whatever be it, there are plenty of hotels in Goa India that do offer convenience, comfort and relaxation to the tourists, well within their budget. 

Enjoyment maximized
There are many, who might be interested to have accommodation near the beach, so that they can have a fabulous view of the open ocean, to hear the waves’ splash and the cool breeze enter their rooms through the window. However, there could be some, who could be trying to find a hotel room in the city, since they might have planned to stay there for some time to enjoy the culture out there and have a look at the sight scene that the place has to offer them.

Booking accommodation
Thanks to the internet, booking rooms in hotels have become very easy and from the comfort of the home. Now, interested individuals can scour the web to find out hotels that are clean, tidy, hygienic and affordable. Most tourists have taken out their precious time to provide review on the hotel that they had last stayed. This does help a lot for others and first timers to understand the type of hotel that they can get and whether it would suit their preferences and likings or not. 

The individual can get all details about the accommodation online. Most hotels, both small and big have put up their own websites and have details of what is provided by them. It is better to go through them and check which would be the perfect fit for the occasion. Also the individual is in a position to check and compare the facilities, amenities, location and the rates of the hotel and select the one that provides wonderful deals and discounts, without compromising on the quality of service provided. The customer care should be co-operative and helpful enough to offer information to the tourists over the phone or email as preferred by them and also be very transparent on the rates charged. Most of the hotels also provide tour guides, concierge services, transport facilities, food and other amenities that would be required by the tourists to enjoy their stay and to explore the place to the fullest. In short, the right kind of hotel, when selected can enhance the satisfaction and happiness of the tourists. Moreover, the staffs employed in hotels in Goa India are not only well trained,  but also are taught to communicate effectively, understand the requirements of the guests and to provide all facilities that would be enough to have them pampered throughout. This is what makes hotels in Goa to be much different from the others in the country and makes people to visit this place every now and then.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Vacation rental Goa – increase the pleasure of your stay with exotic accommodation

Goa is the most preferred place for recreation not only for Indians but also for the people all over the world. The beach is full of people always, provided with multi-cuisine restaurants and many fun activities. Luxury accommodation and hygienic food will be the common concerns for people coming from different a part of the world which is taken care of. It is so hard for guests to control themselves from appreciating the efforts made by vacation rental Goa in providing all their requirements.


Located in the peaceful lands in goa, these accommodations will definitely add some memorable moments to your trip that has to be cherished. Mesmerizing furniture, beautiful design, chilling swimming pool in the middle, enthralling look over the nature and many other things are proud assets of vacation rental Goa. Arrangements to enjoy the evening with your family with candle light dinner will are definitely appreciable. The servants are well-trained and polite, will always be at your doorstep to provide their services. Not even a single act from the servants that can irritate a guest can be noticed. The rental services even provide masseuse on their customer’s request so as to free them from daily stress and body pains and help them enjoy the pleasure of their trip. Colorful garden with seating arrangement provides room for a family to enjoy the evening. The view through the veranda will be eye-catching and attracts many. The swimming pool at the center will be right place to chill out.

Types of accommodation

The accommodation will be based on the requirements of guests and also their number. Generally, three levels of accommodation will be present with varied level of luxuries in the room. The first grade will be highly luxurious with more spacious bed room and bathroom, most probably of the same size. The amenities will be well taken care of. Hot water in the bathroom, perfect room service, clean and tidy rooms, non-irritating behavior of the servants and many other good things are common in any type of accommodation. The first grade will be very comfortable for a couple with their children. The second type, will also be provided with better luxurious amenities with good sized living room and well equipped bathroom. The third grade rooms in vacation rental Goa is the perfect choice for a newly married couple for a romantic stay. Provided with all the amenities, it will perfectly suit a couple without any disturbances.

Common amenities

The most common amenities present in the vacation rentals includes air conditioned rooms, twenty four hours internet access, colorful garden, pool in the middle, phone, safety guaranteed for parked vehicles and extraordinary service. Along with these facilities, management will take special care to provide services on guest’s request. Serving their customers is the main motto for the vacation rentals here and they are working hard on it. The bookings of the rooms can be done online or by phone. It is recommended to book a room some days before the journey in order to avoid the irritation of waiting for rooms.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Benefits of going for Goa holiday rentals

There are various options to select from, especially when booking the holiday is concerned. At the same time, it can also be a tough decision to make, since there are plenty of places within the country and abroad that can be visited and explored. But, one place that needs special mention in the subcontinent is Goa. Although, it is one of the smallest state in India, it witnesses huge number of tourist traffic round the year. People from all over the world visit it to experience this side of India and to have the thrill and frill that it has to offer them. This is what has prompted plenty of Goa holiday rentals to come up to cater to the different requirements of the tourists and provide them with maximum satisfaction within their set budget.
Selecting the holiday rentals Goa

A major factor to selecting the holiday is the accommodation type, since it can make a huge difference to the entire trip. It is a fact that holiday rentals are fast becoming popular these days with the holiday makers. 

·         Affordable: Goa holiday rentals are undoubtedly much cheaper and affordable than going for a package holiday. Given the present economic climate, people of all sections have been trying to save money in every possible way. Rentals are indeed a great way to save money and explore the place without overshooting the budget.

·         Meeting requirements easily: Unlike hotels, where the tourist needs to specify the number of heads that would require accommodation, which would be charged accordingly. It could also mean less space to move around. But, with holiday rentals, the individual just pays the rent and can easily accommodate any number of members without hassle. This provides the person to save some more money in the process.

·         Curtailing other expenses: Another important factor to consider while selecting holiday rentals Goa is that it helps the tourist to curtail other expenses that are otherwise associated with any hotel. The hotels can prove to be expensive since the rates that are charged from the guests tend to cover staff wages (receptionists, maids, management, porters, service staff, caterers, concierge services, etc) along with profits for its survival. On the other hand, the private owned properties that are easily available for the purpose of holiday rentals do not have any kind of staff wages to be covered, expect that of the cleaner, who comes in right before every rental. If the tourists wish to take care of this by themselves, then this huge amount that can be saved. 

·         Privacy: This is an important aspect that simply cannot be missed out. Holiday rentals do offer a good amount of privacy, unlike hotels where one can find guests roaming here and there on the corridor and the service staff approaching for taking orders or other kind of disturbances. This can prove to be a real stress for those newly married couples, who would like to be left alone to themselves, so that they can understand each other. 

Selecting the right holiday rentals can definitely help the tourist to make the most from their holidays and to enjoy it completely, something that can be cherished and shared with others, back home.