Thursday, 15 January 2015

Why should rent Villas in Goa for Holidays?

Goa presents a dichotomy of sorts, a favorite holiday destination for the well travelled globe trotters as for the first timers. It offers a view into the local flavors of India, yet gives the western traveler the comforts of home. People speak English easily and are warm and welcoming of travelers.
Holiday rentals or vacation rentals in Goa are therefore becoming increasingly popular. Europeans have traditionally taken longer vacations particularly in the December to March time period to get away from the harsh winters in their respective countries. Goa offers the warmth and the sun with temperatures in the 20s, perfectly suited for a stroll or relaxing on the beach. We also see an increase in the domestic Indian tourists looking for holiday rentals in Goa. Either way, the popularity of Goa as a fun tourist destination has not waned. 

On the other hand, there are some people who have loved Goa so much that they have invested in beautiful villas and apartments in Goa. The Goa holiday rentals scene has become much more attractive because of this. Holiday makers have got a wide variety of choices. And because some of these villas have about three or four bedrooms or even more, large groups can be accommodated easily. It becomes much more fun to get together in such a villa and bond with your friends and relatives. There is an increasing trend towards re-unions, birthday celebrations, and get together, and destination weddings. Villas in Goa offer the perfect setting for these events.

One such villa is the Villa Blue in Candolim. One of the coziest vacation rentals Goa has to offer, this four bedroom villa located in a small by-lane leading towards Candolim beach. One can experience the typical Goan village life here plus get the advantage of being within walking distance to the beach. Some of the best restaurants, night clubs and shopping places are within a short distance of the villa. Perfect for a group of eight people, the villa can accommodate 12 people. There’s a large and spacious living room and a dining room with a fully equipped kitchen if people want to cook their own meals or just make a hot cup of tea. The daily rental for this villa is Rs. 11,000 per night and includes housekeeping services and a continental breakfast of bread, butter, jam, tea or coffee, and juice. Or one can buy groceries from the nearby supermarket and make a breakfast to suit one’s taste.


If one who wants to stay away from the happening and party areas of Goa, but not too far away, one can stay at the Om Kairos villa. Situated in the quiet and peaceful Corgao village, just 5 kilometers from Arambhol beach, this villa is one of the best holiday rentals Goa has to offer. Recently featured in the Indian Architecture and Builder Magazine, January 2015, the villa offers a 360 degree view of lush greenery. The four bedrooms are artistically decorated and are very comfortable. The villa also has a small pool for fun and relaxing. And the caretakers really know to take care of their guests.

Overall, the vacation rentals scene in Goa is changing and people have many options to stay in, depending on their requirements. Villa rentals for vacation rentals or holiday rentals in Goa are becoming very attractive.